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Love Magnetic Bookmark Set

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6 magnetic pagemarkers
Teksten: Pray every day - Hope and a future - Be still and know that I am God -
Trust in the Lord - Grace - Groen/wit gestreept


This lively decorated Love Magnetic Bookmark Set expressively urges us to Love, Hope, Believe, and have Faith. The bright colors and pretty designs are perfect for any Christian girl who likes to mark particular pages in a book or Bible. 

The playful set of 6 magnetic bookmarks is decorated with artistic drawings of different woodland creatures that include owls, birds, rabbits, and colorful flowers and leaves. The bookmarks have a fashionable color scheme of magenta, teal, and violet, which will add life to any book. 4 bookmarks in the set are printed with encouraging words

The remaining two bookmarks are decorated with cute woodland animals. 

With the Love Magnetic Bookmark Set, you will never dog-ear a page again, nor will you use typical paper bookmarks: these magnetic bookmarks tightly clasp to the page without wrinkling or tearing the paper. They can be placed at any line of the text to directly show where you left off reading. 

The Love Magnetic Bookmark Set makes a wonderful gift for any student or reader and will decorate any Bible or cherished book. The magnets can also be handed out individually in classrooms, book clubs, or Bible studies to show appreciation and love. Improve someone's reading experience with the Love Magnetic Bookmark Set. 

Set of 6 Nature-themed Magnetic Bookmarks
6 Full-colored Rectangular Folded Magnets
Packaged on Backing Board in Cellophane Self-Seal Bag
Magnet Size: 60 x 20 x 3mm
Packaging Size: 188 x 83 x 5mm
Distributor: 316europe

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