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Puscoiu, Costel - Het complete panfluitboek / The complete Panflute book

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A very comprehensive book study into the Pan Flute. This book, made in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Culture, covers such topics as the history of the Pan Flute, today's Pan Flute, posture and embouchure, breathing, extending and improving tone quality, intervals, the technique of chromatics, staccato, legato, vibrato, diatonic scales, adjacent and nearby keys, arpeggios, difficult keys, technical formulas, ornaments, chromatic scales and exercises, special effects, phrasing and difficult technical exercises. This is an essential book for any Pan Flautist.

Uitg. Malbay, 208 pagina's, in Engels maar zeer bruikbaar en een compleet panfluitboek voor iedere panfluitist!