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Schalk-Meijering, Marian - Secrets around Borssele

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"This year we have an anniversary,' Mr. Willemse teLLs the class. "Our school exists for 100 years. That is why we are going to make this year special. This antique trunk is the start:'
"But what kind of secrets are in that suitcase?" Niels has to know it now. He sits in the front of the room. With his foot he can almost touch the suitcase. Very slowly the teacher lifts up the lid of the suitcase.
Niels stands up and looks over the top of his desk. "There is nothing in it." he says disappointed. "No secrets at all!"
The other students are also disappointed. Everyone looks at Mr. Willemse. "That depends how you look at it,' Mr. Willemse says. "Do you see the letters on the outside of this trunk?"
Yes, of course. Niels had seen them right away. You have to look closely to be able to read them ...
What exactly happened 100 years ago in and around Borssele? Why did so many people immigrate to America? Who knows how the Christian school started?
What do Niels, Elise, and Marien discover when they are searching for old letters from America in the cap attic of the miLL? What secret is to be discovered in the book, or is there more than one secret?
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